We would like to score three points by winning the home match no matter what   

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke on the day before the 2010 season J. League Twenty Forth Sec. against Albirex Niigata

We would like to win the home match tomorrow and score three points no matter what. Considering how our team has been playing until now, I think it is very possible for our team to win the home match. Having said that, it is necessary for us to put so much into the match in order for us to win. All the players playing on the pitch will have to remain highly concentrated over the 90 minutes in order to win.
As for our injured members, having Hirakawa and Sergio back to our team again is something we can celebrate. Hirakawa was not able to participate in our team training sessions for about one week. Sergio was away for much longer. I believe he was not able to join team training for about three weeks. For this reason, even though he will be playing in the match tomorrow, I think what will most likely be the case is that he won’t play as a starting line up member but will join the team from mid way through.
To be honest with you, I was hoping to have Ugajin play in tomorrow’s match. However, it seems as though he is going through some tough times at the moment. He sprained his ankle during training yesterday when his spiked shoe got caught in the grass lawn. As a result, he had to leave the team training. He was also told that his injury requires more than a few days to recover. It was so unfortunate that he received the injury. It was not like he had a one-on-one collision or contact while he was playing in a game. No external pressure caused his injury. When he started to run, part of the spiked shoe got caught in the grass lawn and his entire body weight was pressured on his ankle. As a result, he sprained the ankle. It is really painful and regrettable for the team to lose him again like this.
Having Shunki Takahashi away from the team again will make it difficult as well. Since I came to the team, Shunki has been away from the team many times due to some injuries. He could never fully recover his physical problems before he gets another injury and his situation has been like this for some time.
Now, we really need to assess our current situation. There are 27 players in our team currently, 22 players of which are not injured and have been participating in training sessions under normal condition. It would certainly be ideal if every member of the team could join our team training with excellent physical conditions. Having said this, we could say that our team has only 5 injured players.

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