We would like to come back with three points by winning the match   

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke on the day before the 2010 season J. League Twenty Seventh Sec. against Jubilo Iwata

In the soccer world, it is said that the most difficult match players will face is their next match. I think this is especially so when we think of the match we will play tomorrow. Jubilo Iwata has only lost one match out of the recent eight matches they played. The team had five wins and two draws. They have also won the place to play in the Nabisco Cup final match. I think the team has become a team with stable results. I know they are a dangerous team with the formidable Maeda in their front line.
However, having said all this, our players’ conditions are also good. Of course, the fact that we are currently missing some of our important players has been the same. Had I had someone informed me before this season that our team would lose so many players over the season such as losing Naoki Yamada and Spiranovic for sustained periods of time and Tatsuya and Ponte due to injuries, as well as having Abe transfer to another team and Sanou be suspended, I would have told people that our team will face many difficulties.
However, in reality the team has achieved tangible results and some of the injured players are now back with the team again. For example, Keita, Sergio, Shunki and Umesaki are back with us. Over the past few weeks, several players have rejoined team training again. Having those players back with the team allows us to pursue high quality training daily. We certainly respect Jubilo Iwata’s current fantastic condition and their superb momentum. However, we also believe that our condition is good. For this reason, we would like to win the match and bring back the three points with us no matter what.

[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]