We will exhibit our passion and do our best to win the match-Team Manager Petrovic  

Comment from Team Manager Petrovic the day before the J. League 13th Sec match against Albirex Niigata

Tomorrow’s match will also be an important match for us. As we will be playing at our home ground again, it is important for us to win the match not only for our supporters who will be at the stadium but also for ourselves.
By winning the match tomorrow, we will be able to regain our confidence to continue our fight. And we are fully ready for the match. Our players’ conditions are really good. We have prepared ourselves well in every aspect. Albirex Niigata finished with good record last year and I have the impression that they are a very formidable team. But, as we will be playing in our home stadium again, I think it is necessary for us to show our passion and do our best to win the match for the people of Saitama and our supporters including those who come to see us at the stadium. Albirex Niigata has a few excellent players. I think this will give us an opportunity to put ourselves to the test. The match will be a good match tomorrow.

[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]