We will continue to maintain good aspects of our performance today-Team Manager Mischa  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa after the J. League Yamazaki Nabisco Cup qualifying round Fourth Sec match against Kawasaki Frontale

It is easy to make a comment after winning a match with the result of three to zero. I felt that our players’ performance today well deserved the victory. Our team was able to make several great fierce attacks during the match. Our positioning was well balanced on the pitch today and our players handled the ball well when attacking the opponent team from the back by supplying the ball well among the front players as well as to side players. Though I am not sure if our past matches had an impact on the players, but, I thought they did not play well in the last ten minutes of the first half after they scored the first goal. Our players might have felt fearful of something or were lost as to how they should proceed with the match after the first goal.

With regards to the second half of the match, Kawasaki Frontale introduced dangerous players, namely Nakamura and Yajima. Though they tried to put pressure on the front, I thought our players managed to counterbalance Kawasaki’s movements relatively well. By doing so, our players carried out dangerous attacks against the opponent just like they did during the first half of the match. Our players were able to sustain high quality running during the match today. However, having said this, some of our players need to broaden their views more. There was a moment today while three of our players were running unmarked one of our players passed the ball to a player who was marked by the opponent instead. As a result, the ball was ultimately blocked and taken by the opponent team. In this regard, our players need to broaden their view and improve their decision making skill.

Our players need to continue to maintain the good performance they had today and build on the next performance by reflecting on what they did poorly today. There is still a lot left for us to work on. We will be playing a match this Saturday against Shimizu S-Pulse in two days. It is very dangerous to play in a match after a victorious match like we had today. Players tend to think they would be able to conquer anything they wish after a match like today’s match. However, as a team manager, I need to make my players stand firmly on the ground and urge them to give the type of performance they showed today. We will find out after the match on Saturday if our team is capable of performing the way they did today when playing against Shimizu S-Pulse as well.

We need to prepare ourselves well over the next two days. Though our players used a wide variety of great attacks from the centre as well as outside today, there is still something missing for our team. Our players sometimes lose their calmness and become restless during a match. I think it is necessary for them to play in a more calmly manner. In this sense, our players need to work on their calmness while maintaining the good aspects of their performance which they displayed during the match today. They will be able to perform even better in the future by doing so.

I have worked with the team over the past five months or so. Considering their current situation, I think they are not bad. However, the team I envisage in my mind is after something much more. We need to continue to make efforts in order to get there. What I think very positive about the team is the fact that they have a united determination to win every match they play whether it is a league match or Yamazaki Nabisco Cup match. I want my team to continue their hard work and always hold such a strong determination to win. I apologize for making such a long comment again today (lol).
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We will continue to maintain good aspects of our performance today-Team Manager Mischa