We regret finishing the match with a draw – Team Manager Mischa  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa after the J. League 18th Sec match against Vissel Kobe

Our team fought the match today with such a strong determination to win. Though we were able to catch up with our opponent during additional time, we regret that the match finished with a tied result.

We played really well as per usual during the first half of the match. As a matter of fact, we were able to lead the match by one to zero. However, the match progressed without our players being able to make the most of our chances to score another goal, which is a problem our team has recently. Then, our opponent team caught up with us when we lost a goal from a corner kick. When we cannot score a second goal after leading the match by one to zero for a while, we become fearful of what will follow. When our opponent executes a set play with the right timing, it is difficult for us to block them scoring a goal. After all, the fact that our team was not able to score a second goal soon made it difficult for us to play well.

After our opponent evened the score with one to one, our team lost a second goal to them when we were trying to wage attacks against them. After our opponent started to lead the match with the score of two to one, things became a lot harder. Vissel Kobe players were determined to finish the match with a leading score. For this reason, all their field players were back in their side of the pitch to fully defend themselves. Considering this, our players performed really well to manage to catch up with our opponent. Our team scored a second goal during the four minutes of additional time we had today. Though what I would like to point out is not directly related to our match result, I thought it would have been better if we were allowed to have longer additional time. The referee did not allow us to run the corner kick. This prompted a little question in me. I am not suggesting that this had affected our final score but I was very disappointed about what had happened.

After all, we are not satisfied with the tied result we had today. We must reflect on today’s performance firmly.
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We regret finishing the match with a draw – Team Manager Mischa