We need strong mental strength and concentration-comment from Team Manager Petrovic   

Comment from Team Manager Petrovic the day before the J. League 8th Sec match against Vegalta Sendai

I believe the next match will be such a meaningful match for us to play. The J. League has just started and we have only played in two matches so far. Though I am happy with our team’s performance, we have scored only three points. Since the J. League season is still at its early stage, it is important for us to continue to perform well like we did last week for as long as we can.
On top of that, not only must we keep performing well, we must improve where improvement is necessary. This is the way I would like our team to follow.
Vegalta Sendai is from the area which was severely hit by the earthquake and tsunami. I imagine the match we will have against them will be quite tough. The team had a tied game against Sanfrecce Hiroshima in the J. League opening match and had a positive result against Kawasaki Frontale which was one of the strongest teams in the J. League. As such, it is necessary for our team to prepare ourselves well in order to play well against the team.

[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]