We have a clear vision of the path we must take-Team Manager Mischa  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa after the J. League 7th Sec against Omiya Ardija

Today’s loss hurts us very much as it was a loss not in a normal match but in a derby match. During the first half of the match, our team was one step behind a number of our opponent’s attacks. We ended up giving much center space to our opponent. As a result, our defense line was lowered down further and the whole team was lagging behind too much. Loosing a point earlier in the match made the rest of the match difficult for us to play. Our opponent strengthened their defense after scoring the first goal. For this reason, we had to take the ball from our opponent and make counter attacks, which was exactly what our opponent had in their mind. After we lost the first goal, our team tried to make attacks to catch up with our opponent. However, our team was not patient enough and lost the ball during our opponent’s counter attacks several times. As a result, we lost a second goal to the opposition.

During the second half of the match, our team was able to make aggressive attacks. However, Omiya Ardija’s goal keeper performed really well to guard off our attacks. He even cleared the ball just a moment before our defense player was to strike a goal. Though our team created several great scoring opportunities, Omiya Ardija players, especially the goal keeper, did well to block our attacks. His performance was excellent. I thought he deserved some nice presents from his club and supporters for his outstanding performance.

Our team should have been able to perform like they did in the second half throughout the entire 90 minute match. Our team was able to make one-sided attacks and created great scoring opportunities but they were blocked. But, these types of things happen sometimes when playing soccer. Obviously, we feel very sorry for our supporters who cheered us for this derby match. We now have a clear vision of the path we must proceed along. We will definitely turn things around. If it will be a hard path, we will take it as our fate. I know the path we must follow and I believe we can move up to the top after going along the path.
[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]

We have a clear vision of the path we must take-Team Manager Mischa