We feel regrettable about losing the goal-Team Manager Petrovic  

Comment from Team Manager Petrovic after the J. League 28th Sec match against Gamba Osaka

Looking back at the first half of the match, I do not think we gave too many big chances to our opponent. Except for when our opponent player Rafael attempted to strike a goal with his left foot and obviously when we lost the goal, I did not think we gave too many chances for our opponent.
As for us, we managed to escape Gamba’s counter attacks and Genki and Ranko tried to score goals. We also had a great scoring opportunity when Ranko attempted to score a goal after receiving the ball from Naoki Yamada. However, due to a trap mistake, our team was not able to make the most of the scoring opportunity to the full extent. We feel extremely regrettable about these moments. It was such a pity that our striker had to face a one-on-one situation with Gamba’s goal keeper just like we did when we lost the goal.
During the second half of the match, we certainly felt that we must do well to win the match. However, Ugajin and Noda had been given yellow cards during the first half of the match. As for Ugajin, due to the yellow card he had received, he will be suspended for the forthcoming league match. Currently, our team does not have a side back player due to his injury and if we were to lose Noda because of another yellow card, our team would not have any side back players. For this reason, I pulled Noda out of the match after the first half of the match in order to avoid such a risk.
Despite this, every player exhibited a very strong mentally to play well in the match. Since we were rushing ourselves too hard under a pressure to win, we ended up giving a few big scoring opportunities to our team. We played so hard so that we could catch up with our opponent. However, we were unfortunately not able to do so in the end.
Though it was extremely regrettable that we did not win, the fact that our team remained mentally tough while playing against such a formidable team like Gamba made us feel that there would be a hope for us to survive through tough times in the future. Looking back at the entire match, I feel that we were not able to show our full potential when we dealt with our opponent striker. It was extremely regrettable that we were not able to control the ball and failed to strike good attacks. After all, Gamba Osaka is a fantastic team which stands at the top in the J. League ranking. I would like to wish my very best for their future success.

[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]