We are ready   

Captain Keita Suzuki expressed enthusiasm 2 days before the opening game.

Keita Suzuki
“We were able have a very good preparation period. With some new players on board, we have been communicating very well, trying to understand each other including our personalities.
Kashima, our opponent, has played 2 official games already. However, Reds have trained and prepared well through the camps and even after we returned to Ohara. Kashima is the same opponent as last year’s opening game and last game. However, the 2 games were totally different in terms of our style of play. We all know that the result of the last game of the 2009 season and the result of the 2010 opening game have to be different. In terms of our confidence, it is now different too.
Kashima is a team which consistently plays well and delivers good results. We also have to be consistent and put pressure on Kashima. That means not only pressurizing them and winning back the ball, but also playing our football. If we are able to do that, we will have chances.
I believe what we have been doing is not wrong and we are prepared to show the results of our training in the actual game as well. I will not go into detail as I want you to see with your own eyes. It will not too late for me to mention it after everything is over. The only thing I can say is that we are ready.”
【Urawa Reds Official Media (URD : OM) 】