Trying to play with unbeaten stamina and high concentration   

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke on the day before the 2010 season J. League Fifth Sec. against Shonan Bellmare

Tomorrow’s match will be our fifth match for this year. We would like to win this match as well. By winning this match, we would have scored a reasonable amount of points and therefore, it would be possible to say that we have had a good start to the season this year.
However, in order for us to achieve the goal of winning the next match, it is necessary for every player to remain concentrated while playing in the game. It is also vital for us to outlast our opponent in terms of stamina. We will be able to win the match and gain three points only after we can fulfill these aspects.
Shonan Bellmare had nine new starting line up members in the match held on Wednesday. As you can see, they are preparing for the match against us as much as possible. I have also watched the footage of the match they played against Albirex Niigata during last season which they won with the score of 2 to 0. I have analyzed their match style and have found out that they play such a compact defense. Depending on the situation, the team assumed defensive play relatively close to their opponent’s goal and actively switched to offensive play by utilizing their abundant stamina. I can say that Bellmare has good stamina. It may be possible to say that the team did not use their usual starting line up members on Wednesday for this very reason. They have abundant physical strength in playing both offensively and defensively. I think they are preparing themselves well physically to play against us.
We also had four or five new starting line up members on Wednesday. For this reason, our starting line up members for this weekend’s match will be similar to that of the last match we played against Cerezo Osaka. Having said that, since Sergio is now injured, we will again make a slight change to our starting line up members in this regard.

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