The day before the Yamazaki Nabisco Cup/A Seventh Sec.-Team Manager Finke   

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke on the day before the Yamazaki Nabisco Cup/A Seventh Sec. against Omiya Ardija
Since there was no match held last weekend, we were able to prepare ourselves well this time. I am happy with the number of training sessions we had as well as their content. However, we still cannot be content with our situation since many players are still away. For this reason, we have tried several different options during our training sessions. However, to be honest with you, I have not decided tomorrow’s starting line-up members yet. In regards to their positioning, there are still several players with “question marks”.
People may think it is still too early, however, depending on the situation, I may consider using Naoki Yamada for tomorrow’s match even if I have to take some risks. In other words, we have to take such things into consideration when we look at our current situation.
Among those players who participated in today’s training, there are still a few players with a “question mark”. I am not sure if they can play in tomorrow’s match. I cannot comment on them at this stage today. I would like to make a final decision tomorrow. We were able to win the last two Yamazaki Nabisco Cup matches without losing any points to our opponents. I am very much pleased by that. Even though our team had young players with little match experience, they performed quite well. Surely, it was not like they did not allow any scoring opportunities for our opponent players. Nonetheless, we did not lose any points over the last two matches. I am sure that the young players have had good experiences by playing in these matches. I think these experiences will contribute greatly to their future development.
I am not sure how we will go during the match tomorrow. But, please look forward to the match tomorrow.

(What is Satoshi Horinouchi’s condition like? We noticed that he was playing as a left side back player during training today.)
This is just one of the options we have. As you can see, by taking many things into consideration, I use different players in various different positions during training. As such, I can not guarantee if I will definitely use Horinouchi in that position.
As for the center back players, since Nobuhisa Yamada and Keisuke Tsuboi were playing really well, I do not think it is necessary to change them at this moment. In regards to the both side back players, I may have to change the players during the match if necessary. We do not even know which players will be in these positions yet.
For this reason, I would like to try with many different options and I used Horinouchi in the side back position. However, this does not mean that he will definitely play in the position as a starting line-up member.

(You mentioned that you might use Naoki Yamada even though it could be a risk. Does that mean that you are really focusing on going through the qualifier?)
I cannot comment on what our club wants from us here. However, what I think is natural as a team manager that I want to do as well as possible in every official match and to be ranked higher in the standings. I do not think anyone in this club disagrees with me if our team can play in the final match and I really hope this is the case (lol).

(In order for the team to be qualified, the team requires 3 points by wining the game. Are you planning to start the game differently from previous matches?)
Regardless whether the match we will play is a league match or a Nabisco Cup match or even the qualifier match, we will start the game in our usual way. Our play style is to seize control of the game as early as possible and create as many scoring opportunities as possible. I do not think the way we start the game and our idea behind our play style changes in regards to the match we will play.

(You had nine days between the previous match and the next match. What did you focus on in training during that time?)
Certainly, we focused on several points. However, I cannot comment on these points in detail. I do not intend to be rude here and I am trying to convey this to you in a friendly manner. Since we had open training this time except for one day, I assume you were able to watch what we were focusing on. But, just to give you one hint on our strategy, one of the points we focused on was the four back players movement as I gave many pieces of advice to them on the pitch. But, there are several other points we focused on as well.

(I would like to confirm the situation with Naoki Yamada. Do you mean that he has recovered from the injury but there are still some concerns or risks over him actually playing in the match?)
That is correct. If he has not recovered from his injury, I would not even have thought of taking him to the match with the team. Since you may have heard what was picked up by the media in Germany, I would like to explain the situation so that I do not invite any misunderstanding. In German media, it was said that I was offered by several clubs in the Bundesliga to be their team manager. It said that even though I was interested in those offers, Urawa Reds people did not allow me to go back to Germany. However, this is not true. Even if you find such articles and find out the content through translation, please understand this is not the case.
Certainly, several clubs have requested me to go back to Germany as their team manager. It is true. However, as I think it is important to honor the contract and as I have great pleasure working for this club, I was not interested in such offers. For this reason, I told the German clubs in the Bundesliga clearly that I have no intention of leaving Urawa Reds at all. There is no fact such as me asking the management of Urawa Reds if it was okay for me to terminate the contract with them so that I can return to Germany. Even though this was the case, the German media reported a completely different story by saying that the management of Urawa Reds did not allow me to go back to Germany. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you this was not true.