The day before the J. League Twenty Ninth Sec.-Team Manager Finke   

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke on the day before the 2009 season J. League Twenty Ninth Sec. against Albirex Niigata

Comment from Public Affairs Manager before the press conference
Some media have reported today that Urawa Reds will dissolve its contract with FC Bayern Munich. On the contrary, we still maintain a friendly relationship with the club and have several programs together such as sending our Junior Youth Team to FC Bayern Munich this summer.
Currently we are holding some discussions and a review of our contract with the club. But, we have not received any notice from the club requesting the contract to be called off.
FC Bayern Munich recommended Team Manager Finke to Urawa Reds and we have kept a friendly relationship with the club since he assumed his current position. Furthermore, there are no issues involving human resource management matters regarding the team manager’s position that could cause a potential call off of the contract either.
Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke
Our bad defeat in the cup match caused a big storm which was more than what we had expected in our daily life. Certainly it was a terrible loss we had. However, I think we will be able to learn quite a lot from this experience in the long run.
If I use the example of a notebook computer to explain our experience, I can say that our terrible experience is saved on the memory of the computer. If we were to experience something similar again, we are now in the position on opening this data again so that we can check what had happened to us as well as what we felt and thought back then. It is important for us to remember the bitter experience we had from our defeat. We need to work on our daily training and remain highly concentrated for our next match. We should never forget about our bitter experiences.
We must learn from our past mistakes and be able to reopen our memory data when we come across similar situations. We have been working hard to prepare ourselves for the next match since Tuesday. Unfortunately, some players are still suffering from their injuries. We do not know at all if Hosogai will be able to perform in our next match. He joined the team for the first time to practice in game style training. Hirakawa also was not able to practice with the team and was working on a different training program until today. Nobuhisa Yamada is now suspended and Shunki Takahashi is also suffering from his injury. Yoshiya Nishizawa had been away from the team for a long time and it has only been a few days since he made a recovery. For this reason, we have not decided who will be playing in the right side back position tomorrow. This is also the case with the left side back position.
Yuki Abe is now back with the team. Keisuke Tsuboi and Tulio will assume their usual positions as center back. As for the attackers, even though many main players will be able to play in the tomorrow’s match without any injuries, Sergio is away from the team.
It is necessary for us to perform in close coordination with each other as a team. We must play a compact game full of stamina. At the same time, we need to play wisely. Only after we can work in coordination with each other as I have just explained, we will be able to have a good result in Niigata. It is important to maintain a good balance. There is a three point difference between Niigata and us at the moment. As we are coming into the end of the season, I assume that the match will also be a very important match for Niigata as well for the reason of them staying above us and aiming to do even better. We would also like to do our best to minimize the gap between us and the top team.