The day before the J. League Thirty Fourth Sec.-Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke on the day before the 2009 season J. League Thirty Fourth Sec. against Kashima Antlers
The final match for the season is certainly going to be a special match. Our opponent has reigned over the soccer world for the past two years and is now trying to be the best for the third time in a row by winning the match against us tomorrow. For this reason, tomorrow’s match will be a very interesting one.
Our situation this week has improved. Now that we have many players at hand, I am considering the idea of “job sharing”. It is possible to introduce some players who are usually starting line up members from mid way through the match. I have not decided the starting line up members for tomorrow yet. Of course, I have put much thought to it already. But, I would like to make the decision tonight.
We had many older players playing on the pitch during our previous match. This was because some of our young players were suspended and were suffering from injuries. But, we now can use many more players for our next match. For this reason, I would like to come up with the well balanced age mix for our match tomorrow.
I was told that Kashima had closed training sessions yesterday and today. I understand that neither press nor any spectators were allowed to observe their training sessions. Obviously, it is their goal to win the league match for the third consecutive time. I think that they are trying to do all they can to prepare themselves well for the final match.
As for us, I would like to play a fascinating and inspiring final game for our fans and supporters tomorrow.