The day before the J. League Fourth Sec.-Team Manager Finke   

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke on the day before the 2009 season
J. League Fourth Sec. against Oita Trinita
I am happy that we can play the next match in our home stadium as we have played three away matches in a row. I am sure that the players feel the same. We would like to prepare for the next match with higher motivation. We have been training ourselves for one week to win this home match. Nonetheless, we should not lose our concentration for the match. Our opponent is of a very high level. For this reason, we should keep ourselves highly concentrated for the next home match we play.
Now that those players who were with the national team are back, I think we have several options. It will benefit us greatly especially now that we have such high level players for the goal keeper’s position. I had discussions with the goal keepers earlier and decided that Yamagishi will always be a starting line-up member for Yamazaki-Nabisco cup matches. As for the J. League matches, Tsuzuki who is currently the best goal keeper will be the goal keeper.
In terms of those players who are injured, it is unfortunate that Hosogai cannot join the team training.
Keita (who had a separate training program today) had a light training program and just jogged today to be on the safe side will join the team practice tomorrow. It is certain that he can play in the match. In regards to the offensive, we have five to six players for our options as we now have several players back. However, I have not yet decided who will be the starting line-up members. I will see how they go tomorrow and I will decide by early afternoon, tomorrow.

(Is there any chance of Alex to be a starting line-up member?)
Alex has shown great recovery recently and his condition is improving fairly well. All those sixteen players who played in the eight-on-eight game have the potential to be selected as a starting line-up member. However, I cannot say that those players who had the vest on and played in the game today will be the starting line-up members. There are several things that I would like to think about in terms of choosing the members for the starting line-up by taking into consideration how players were today and will be tomorrow morning.

(Oita Trinita is well known for its strong defense. What would be the important points to win the match against them?)
Unfortunately, as a team manager, I do not think I am able to deliver the type of answer that will satisfy the press. There may be several key points. However, the most important thing is the entire process. Our challenge for every match is to create more opportunities than our opponents. As for tomorrow’s match, we certainly would like to create as many opportunities as possible by playing the best possible game we can. However, I cannot tell you in advance that if we do certain things, we can definitely win the game.
However, what is interesting is that, in playing football, the team that can create more opportunities for scoring goals will not necessarily win the game. Depending on the game, the team that had fewer chances of scoring goals may end up wining the game. I would say that this is one of the fascinating aspects of football. That being said, it would be very difficult to try to win a game with as fewer scoring opportunities as possible and to be trained to do exactly that.
(What do you think about Mr. Mitsunori Fujiguchi’s retirement?)
I have nothing to comment on in this regard to the media. The only thing I can say is that it would make no differences to what I do daily for my team. When I talked with the top management of the club, I was told that they wanted me to grow the team further. I came here as I was very much interested in doing exactly that. The team has not yet changed greatly compared to last year. This is because several main players who played last year left the team and the result that those players who are still with the club currently had last year was seventh in the J. League ranking. Since the members of the team have not changed greatly, all I will try to do is to do my best so that the team can achieve good results from now as well.

(Did you get any explanation from the team in advance regarding this?)
I will not make any comment in public on this either, as I do not think it would be professional to do so. As one of the professional trainers, what is important for me is to work well with the team everyday. It will always be most important for me to achieve what the top management originally wanted me to achieve and develop this team further by working well with the team. This objective will never change. All I will do is to work hard everyday in order to develop the team further.
I do not want to make any further comment in public. I had good communication with my former top management members as well.
As such, I would like to communicate well with the new top management of the club in the coming future as well. If I cannot do that, it would be difficult for me to perform my job in the club. As good communication is one of the important elements, I would like to proactively seek to have good communication. I think there will be no misunderstanding if we can communicate well with each other on a regular basis.