The cheering and support of our fans will assist us greatly  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke on the day before the 2010 season J. League Nineteenth Sec. against Vegalta Sendai

It is true that we were not able to win the previous match. Nevertheless, I thought that our players performed well for over 79 minutes. I think they played better with much more confident than when they played against Vissel Kobe. For this reason, I believe that our players were able to move forward mentally during the last match. However, it was really unfortunate that a few players made mistakes, which gave the chance for our opponent to score a goal. Our players at the front also could not make the most of the chances the team created to score goals. Our team has been through similar scenarios over the last few weeks. I think our team has some issues with their mental strength rather than total team ability as a whole. Our play style now has the potential to have successful results. For this reason, I sincerely wish that our results will improve as soon as possible.
It is always with regret when I announce sad news, but Keita Suzuki and Tatsuya Tanaka unfortunately have to leave the team for a while due to injuries. Their injuries are not simple ones. Unfortunately, it will take more than three weeks for them to recover. It is truly sad that they got injured. It is regrettable that I do not have as many options as I used to. Considering the team’s potential, however, I am sure we will be able to win forthcoming matches. Since our next match against Vegalta Sendai will be held in our home stadium, we would like to do our best to win the match. We need to have a strong determination to win and remain highly concentrated in order to win the match. It is important for us to play well and be full of fighting spirit from the get go with confidence in our performance.
During the previous match against Nagoya, I was able to feel a great sense of support from our fans and supporters. I thought that their great support had such a good influence on our players. Under the current difficult situations we are in, our supporters’ cheering and support will assist us greatly. Our team is working very hard everyday with utmost dedication. We hope that we will be able to bring great joy to all our wonderful supporters soon.

[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]