Team Manager Tsuyoshi Otsuki - Press Conference after the Match against Vegalta Sendai  

Comment from Team Manager Tsuyoshi Otsuki after the Meiji Yasuda J1 League 3rd Sec Match against Vegalta Sendai

As you witnessed, there were more things that did not go well than went well for us today from the first half of the match. Our team particularly struggled in our offense as we couldn’t quite get ourselves in the right momentum in terms of making fierce attacks. The judgements we made were not so good either. We received several counter attacks as our back lost the ball in the wrong way. Overall, our team played such a challenging match today.

I was grateful that our team had managed to gain three points by winning the match in the end. But, we will continue to work hard on our training from tomorrow. We will address the points which we must reflect upon while recognizing those points that we did well.

Questions and Answers

Q: Shinzo Koroki who scored the winning goal joined the team halfway through the match today. How do you evaluate his milestone goal scoring performance today?

A: It’s fantastic that Koroki scored his 100th goal since playing for Urawa Reds. This reflects the great achievement that he built for himself. I am glad that I took the risk of putting him into the match at the time I did. Furthermore, I am impressed that Koroki made sure to nail the opportunity he was given by scoring the goal before the match finished.

I congratulated him for his 100th goal after the match in front of the team in the locker room. He responded to my congratulatory remarks by firstly recognizing the team’s hard effort for winning the match today. I think his response reflects who he really is. I wish him continuing success in scoring many more goals in his time ahead.

Q: When Leonardo scored the first goal, your scream echoed in the stadium today. Was it because he managed to score the goal after you felt frustrated about the team’s performance during the first half of the match? What points did you think were not so good during the first half of the match particularly in regard to the team’s offense?

A: It wasn’t like the team did not do a good job, but I recognized several points that could have been better addressed. When I pointed them out to the team during half time, they corrected some of these points immediately. Therefore, I didn’t think our team did a bad job as such. Having said that, I trust that the team still has a lot to develop. We will work together to be better by addressing players’ positions and positioning speed etc.

Q: Thanks to the new substitution rule change, you seemed to have made the most of this change today. What do you think of the change brought to the team by this substitution rule change?

A: Firstly, I introduced Martinus and Sekine so that they could cover a wide range today. But, I swapped the sides they played on from the previous match. Actually, I told them after the previous match that substitute players who are introduced quite late into the match need to boost the power of the team and create goal scoring opportunities for the team. I am glad that the match developed as how it was meant to be today.

Secondly, I made the decision I did today because we only had a short period since our previous match in this summer weather, and it was quite hot and humid in the stadium from the first half of the match. For these reasons, I changed five players relatively quickly as it was important to preserve our players’ stamina and fitness levels.

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Team Manager Tsuyoshi Otsuki – Press Conference after the Match against Vegalta Sendai