Team Manager Tsuyoshi Otsuki – press conference after the match against Shonan Bellmare  

Comment from Team Manager Otsuki after the Meiji Yasuda J1 League 25th Sec match against Shonan Bellmare

Our players worked really hard after coming back from our away match played in Shanghai and played another tough away match against Shonan Bellmare today. It was a real pity that we lost our goal from a penalty shootout at the end of the match. But, we had a very strong determination to win today as our team always does. As our players had prepared themselves really well, I feel really sorry for not being able to make our team win the match to gain three points today.

Questions and Answers

Q: Just like in the previous match, it seemed as though the team eased off and stopped making attacks after they scored a goal today during the first half of the match. The team also eased off after they made good attacks in the second half of the match too. What do you think about these developments?

A: I am afraid that our players seem to fail to keep their stamina up a little. I try to carry out the match well by changing the characteristics of the match by changing players etc. But, when the team players play a different type of the match, that would have some impact on their play style as well. With regard to the match we played today, since Shonan Bellmare is one of the best teams in terms of the amount of running they are capable of, our team faced some challenging scenarios such as getting the second ball etc. when they didn’t have enough stamina. Our players worked hard today and tried to get the second ball but it was a pity that we lost our goal from a throw in at the very end of the match.

Q: Looking at the winning points the team accumulated to date, the team must be aware of the chance that they may have to fight for staying in the J.1 League for the rest of the season. It becomes more important for the team to really focus on the result of the match they play. Against such a situation, what do you want your team to focus on?

A: Talking about what we focus on, we always focus on our result every time when we prepare ourselves for a match. I believe our players were focused on the result of today’s match as well. But, we must improve the quality of our performance such as scoring another goal and following our opponent well towards the very end of the match. We must eliminate the type of the situation like we faced today when our opponent team scored the goal from a throw in.

Q: Koroki who scored the first goal today achieved the status of the player who scored double digit number of goals for eight years in a row for the first time in the J. League. He can score goals so constantly. What do you think of his strongest point in this regard?

A: He certainly has a remarkable physical quality. But, in addition to that, he is very talented in developing himself well through training and over a short period of time. He has a great talent in his ability to observe, to learn and to remain tough. He is talented in many different ways as I have just described. It is fantastic that he is capable of making the most of such qualities and he works hard to make the most of those qualities in himself.

Q: What do you think are the causes for your team not being able to win and what kind of improvement measures need to be applied for the team?

A: Over the past two matches including the last ACL match, we lost three goals from penalty shootouts. But, based on my analysis, I don’t think there is one pattern of reasons for other goals our team lost. We have been working to improve several different elements of our performance through our training. I am afraid that our team has been affected by some other points such as advancements made from our opponent and timing etc. I want to work hard with our team again to deal with those issues well.

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Team Manager Tsuyoshi Otsuki – press conference after the match against Shonan Bellmare