Team Manager Tsuyoshi Otsuki – Press Conference after the Match against Cerezo Osaka  

Comment from Team Manager Tsuyoshi Otsuki after the Meiji Yasuda J1 League 24th Sec Match against Cerezo Osaka 【MATCH PARTNER Medical Care Service Company Inc.】

Apart from Kawasaki Frontale, Cerezo Osaka has been performing consistently well this season. It was great that we won against such a team by coming from behind. I am genuinely pleased with today’s outcome. It was great that Ryosuke Yamanaka who played as a starting member today was able to score a goal with his middle range shot not to mention us being awarded with a penalty kick as well as our substitute player making a great contribution for the team to score our third goal as soon as he was put into the match. It was regrettable, however, how we lost our first goal. Nonetheless, we will keep our chins up to move forward to continue to improve our performance in the coming matches.

I saw our team build up our formation well to defend ourselves against our opponent’s powerful offense. In addition, they were watching for every opportunity to score goals today. It would have been great had we been able to gain good control of the match again after we pushed ourselves to the front. This is something we should work to address. It is great we have one week to reflect on our performance and prepare for our next match after winning today’s match. We will continue to work hard to do well in our next match.

Questions and Answers

Q: Your team members have been performing well since the Kashiwa Reysol match and their good performance is also reflected in the team’s match results. Am I right in thinking that today’s victory will boost the team’s confidence greatly to move forward?

A: I want to prepare our team to have great confidence for their next match. However, I also want to make sure we remain humble when we engage in our daily training. Today’s match result will certainly boost our confidence but we will continue to make efforts so that we can get the best performance out of ourselves in our coming matches.

Q: During the past two matches, your wingers did a good job of assisting the team to score goals. What do you think of their performance in this regard?

A: Over the last few months, I have been asking our team members to reflect on the timing and the objective when they move into a certain position. I believe our players have been reflecting on their movements in relation to other players and are able to organize their thoughts in the lead up to making their next maneuvers. As a result, they have increasingly been able to share their perceptions regarding their positioning with other members. It is satisfying to see such efforts are producing more goals for the team. I hope we will see more of this type of performance from now.

Q: You were praising Cerezo Osaka for their consistently stable performance. What kind of impact or mental effect do you think today’s victory will have on the team?

A: I am sure everyone knows Cerezo Osaka has been consistently performing well during this season. Though we won against Cerezo Osaka today, it was our third match against them this season and we lost our previous two matches against them. The first one we lost was a Cup match (J. League YBC Levain Cup). During that match, we were able to put ourselves in with some good chances in front of the goal. However, we couldn’t hack it at that time as we were lacking in our ability. So, I am glad we were able to express ourselves well today.

Q: During one of the regular interview sessions, you mentioned that the team won’t be able to attain tangible results unless they continue to work on what they set out to achieve. Do you think your team is now in a better position than they were when they played against Vegalta Sendai?

A: What I want our team to do is to have more confidence. I want them to have more confidence in what they have been worked on. This doesn’t apply to just our starting members, but it also applies to what we have all been working towards as a team. I want them to be confident about what they have been continuously working on, not just the outcome. This is what I want to share with our players and what I feel strongly about. I am sure we will both lose and win as we continue to play matches. But, even when we win, all we must do is to focus on our training to prepare ourselves well for our next match rather than rejoicing openhandedly. I want our team to focus on what we have been working on from this very moment so that we can build up ourselves well together.

Q: During the press conference held on Friday, you said you would continue to work with the team to keep on moving and pushing forward. As for today’s match, your team maintained the power to try to make a last-minute victory towards the end of the match by not letting themselves crashed after losing two goals. I think this reflects the fact that they kept pushing themselves forward. What do you think of what you saw today?

A: You are absolutely right. Our players not only defended themselves well but also pushed themselves forward. Not only our substitute players such as Sugimoto and Leonardo but also players like Martinus and Yuruki moved the ball forward. One of the reasons we did well today was having a number of players in the team who pushed the ball forward. There were moments when we could have done one or two more pushes better. Nonetheless, I am pleased to see how our players did today.

Q: You mentioned earlier that your team has been able to organize their thoughts in the lead up to making their next maneuvers. I think this has created some kind of wiggle room for them and they can play more comfortably to do better.

A: I think so too. I want to continue to work on our training solidly to improve the quality and accuracy in this regard.

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Team Manager Tsuyoshi Otsuki – Press Conference after the Match against Cerezo Osaka