Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira – press conference after the match against Kashima Antlers  

Comment from Team Manager Oliveira after the Meiji Yasuda J1 League 13th Sec match against Kashima Antlers

Good evening, everyone. I am glad to see you all again. I was able to meet many of my good old friends again. I had spent a long time with them all in the past. I am very pleased to meet them again.

We had a fantastic game with lots of active play. Both teams did a great job aiming to score goals. However, the much result didn’t reflect the actual match content and it was unfair because Urawa Reds had controlled the match today and constantly pressed the opponent team in their side of the field.

We had a penalty kick shootout. I didn’t quite see the whole action that took place during the shootout, but I suspect the judgement given was rather harsh seeing how hard our players protested it. During our previous sec match against Kawasaki Frontale, we experienced the same type of scenario but no whistle was blown at that time. I see a little problem here as the judgement standard is not consistent.

Questions and Answers
Q: You oversaw a match played in the Kashima Soccer Stadium today after seven years. Did you feel anything emotional about playing today’s match?
A: When I thought of playing against Kashima in this Kashima Stadium, there were times that I wasn’t sleeping well at night.

Honestly, this was what I was going through. However, I have worked for about twenty different clubs in the past and there were times when I had my team play against my old team. In my career, it is inevitable that there will be times like this. For this reason, I braced myself to be natural and professional to face today’s match.

Q: During the second half of the match, you replaced Kashiwagi with another forward player and we felt you were trying to put more pressure in the front. What was your aim?
A: First of all, the reason I changed the members was to maintain Kashiwagi’s condition. He has played a number of matches over the past few weeks and he was suffering from fatigue a little during our previous sec match against Kawasaki Frontale. So, I wanted to make sure his condition wouldn’t get any worse. Secondly, our opponent team was leading the match at that time. For this reason, I wanted our team to draw level with our opponent by injecting an aggressive option. Since we didn’t have a player with similar characteristics as Kashiwagi, I chose a different type of player.
Q: After you replayed Nagasawa with Abe, the team seemed to have benefited from the difference in height in terms of executing set piece plays. Was that your intention?
A: Nagasawa also played 90 minutes of the previous sec match and he was experiencing a little fatigue as well. Certainly, introducing Abe added advantage to the team in terms of height but my main objective was to stabilize our defense by putting Abe into Nagasawa’s position.

Thank you once again to you all. I am so glad to have seen you again. It is great to see all your faces again which I used to see every day. Thank you so much to all of you again.

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Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira – press conference after the match against Kashima Antlers