Team Manager Mischa - press conference after the match against Yokohama F. Marinos  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa after the Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company J. League 1st Stage 6th Sec match against Yokohama F. Marinos

Since the stadium our team performed in today was huge, I found it difficult to walk around (lol). I am so worn out today as though I had also played the entire match like I used to before I retired. As we must attend some interviews and press conferences after a match, I am quite restless. Nonetheless, I am pleased to be able to come to the stadium with the team.

I had been thinking about what I should talk about regarding today’s match. With regard to the match we played, I thought our team had the ball in their possession for a long time and made good attacks. Yokohama F. Marinos is also a big club and I have great respect for them. However, today’s match unfolded as you saw even though it was their home match. As I am the Urawa Reds’ team manager, I will only comment on how our players performed today.

Our team took great risks and waged fierce attacks against our opponent team which retreated back to their side of the field to defend themselves. I thought our team created good opportunities by making combination attacks and using the outer side of the field. They made conscious efforts to wage attacks against our opponent team by utilizing both the inner and outer sides of the field effectively. Though they created a few decisive chances, the one thing they were missing today was to actually score goals.

Since today’s match was fought between two major J. League teams, many people must have expected to see a more spectacular match with fierce exchanges of attacks between the two teams. It is not possible to score goals if only one team tries to play soccer.

By moving the ball, our players tried to attack our opponent team in various different ways such as attacking both vertically and from sides. They also tried to create some scoring opportunities like Endo did by making attacks from long feeds by coming from behind our opponent team. While it is not easy to break the defense of a retreated team, our players made conscious efforts to do so.

Yokohama F. Marinos’s Team Manager Mombaerts is French and I regard France as a country where many good soccer matches are played and many good team managers reside. I have great respect for Team Manager Mombaerts as I regard him as a fantastic team manager of high quality. Having said that, I was under the impression that they played a little too defensively today.

I really hope that there will be no comments in media tomorrow stating that it was positive that Yokohama F. Marinos was able to score one point and that it was negative that Urawa Reds only scored one point. If those people who did not watch the match today see such an article, they may think we performed poorly while Yokohama F. Marinos played a tactful game.

As I was expecting to have a good match today with both teams attacking one another fiercely, it was a little disappointing for me as a man who loves soccer that the match didn’t turn out to be that way.

I believe that great teams have the responsibility to play fascinating soccer as they are expected to pull Japanese soccer forward.
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Team Manager Mischa – press conference after the match against Yokohama F. Marinos