Team Manager Mischa - press conference after the match against Kawasaki Frontale  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa after the Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company J. League 2nd Stage 16th Sec match against Kawasaki Frontale

I trust that people were able to watch a fantastic match played by two aggressive teams, Urawa Reds and Kawasaki Frontale today.

As for the first half of the match, our team controlled the match and we were able to create more chances by pressing our opponent team. We led the match with one to zero and created scoring opportunities. However, our opponent caught up with us while we struggled to nail the scoring opportunities we created. As a result, we finished the first half with a tied result.

During the second half of the match, Kawasaki Frontale gained their strength back as time passed while some of our players started to suffer from a little shortage of stamina. We had no choice but to change our players, which I didn’t plan in the first place. Because of these reasons, our opponent team started to keep the ball in their possession and there were times when our team was pressed.

When our players can maintain their stamina, they can keep the match under their control and press our opponent team by switching their movements even when they lose the ball and by moving tactfully when they have the ball. However, our players started to struggle to do this and the times when we were pressed and under swift attacks by our opponent team increased as time passed by.

As our player Nasu also suffered from a muscular problem towards the end of the match, our team had to make attacks almost with one less player.

Having said that, both teams created good opportunities in the end. Even though we finished the match with a draw, I think today’s match result wasn’t necessarily a bad one considering the fact that we played against a formidable team, Kawasaki Frontale.

[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]

Team Manager Mischa – press conference after the match against Kawasaki Frontale