Team Manager Mischa attends post-match interview session   

Comment from Team Manager Mischa after the AFC Champions League 2016 Group Stage MD4 match against Guangzhou Evergrande

Comment from Team Manager Mischa
Today’s match was a fierce match played by two strong teams. Over the past 10 years of working in Japan as a team manager, I have watched almost all matches played in Japan. Today’s match was an exceptionally good match compared to other matches I have watched in Japan.

Both teams had switched between defensive and offensive play quickly throughout the match. However, looking back at the overall game, I think our team outdid our opponent in general.

Our players’ performance has proven that money cannot buy everything in the world of soccer. Guangzhou Evergrande has three excellent foreign players. Though this is the case, it meant a lot to us that our team was able to outdo our opponent today.

Every player of our team made a conscious effort to be aggressive and to switch from offensive to defensive play quickly once they lost the ball in their possession. Our team was able to stick with the goal. Despite the fact that I suffer from a bad back which often makes it difficult for me to stand for some time, I was able to fight together with our team players as I had almost forgotten about my back problem.

Especially during the second half of the match, our team created several additional scoring opportunities. However, the fact that we were not able to make the most of the opportunities we had created remains as our challenge to address from now. Another disappointing thing that happened today was that after Kashiwagi kicked the ball to Sekine, they passed the ball onto two other players but the fourth player missed the ball, which made me feel angry. As it is rare to be able to pass the ball directly to four different players, this type of combination play is something to be recognized. However, they need to be more accurate to carry it all the way through for this very reason.

Another reason why we had a good match today was that our opponent team also played aggressively. When we play against a defensive team such as Avispa Fukuoka, Jubilo Iwata and Ventforet Kofu, it is difficult to play an exciting match where both teams make aggressive attacks against each other. Guangzhou Evergrande’s aggressiveness has made it possible for us to have a good match today.
We should not forget to be offensive just because we focus too much on achieving a good result. Of course, we may lose sometimes by taking too many risks. However, spectators must be able to enjoy our soccer. For this reason, we wish to continue to play our style of soccer as always.

It is possible for us to kick a long ball to Zlatan or Lee. However, if we do so, we are not playing our style of soccer. It means a lot to us when we play our own style of aggressive soccer.

Our player Muto did such a great job today. Now, let’s hear what he has to say.

Commet from Yuki Muto
Since Team Manager Mischa told us to regard today’s match as though it was our final ACL match, we were all psyched up for the match today. I am sure those people who watched today’s match were able to see how determined our players were to win. We were able to play Urawa Reds style aggressive soccer today. Though we were sometimes being pressed, we were also able to defend ourselves persistently. I trust we were able to prove that Urawa Reds deserves to move forward to the next stage.
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Team Manager Mischa attends post-match interview session