Team Manager Mischa – pre-match press conference the day before the match against Sanfrecce Hiroshima  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa the day before the Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company J. League first stage 16th Sec match against Sanfrecce Hiroshima

I know tomorrow’s match will be a particularly difficult match to play as we have lost our past two matches in a row. Our team had fought well and had good defense against aggressive attacks during both J. League and ACL matches until recently so far this season. However, under the current situation, our team has been struggling to play like they had done.

I am aware that any team will have to go through a challenging period over the long course of the season and currently our team is facing such a challenge. In terms of the timing, we are going through this tough period at the worst time. During a period of playing a series of match back to back like we do now, our current state is the worst we have been in. As we must play one match after another, I cannot let my players rest let alone have time to properly address our issues during training. We must just continue to play the matches waiting ahead of us.

However, whatever the situation we are going through may be, we must win. For this reason, I firmly believe that we must keep on fighting in order to break through from the current situation no matter what regardless of our situation. We have 23 field players in our team. We must take an all team approach in order to fight through this difficult period. For our previous match against Gamba Osaka, we had five fresh players as our starting members who replaced our usual members. I don’t think it was a wrong decision. However, it was true that we were not able to achieve a positive result in the end under such a circumstance.

However, whatever the condition may be, we will do our utmost tomorrow in order to seize a victory. Sanfrecce Hiroshima is a very compact and organized team who can switch very quickly from firm defense to offensive play. I have no doubt that they will have good defense and will try to pressure us to make mistakes to wage counter attacks against us tomorrow. I can easily imagine that this will be the case. Against such an opponent team, we want to play the type of match we had been playing over the course of the season until recently by exhibiting what we are good at.

It is true that we haven’t been able to score any goals over the past four official matches during the 90 minutes of play. Though we are currently trapped in this negative loop, I believe we will be able to break free from this by running hard and having a good fighting spirit with a strong determination to win. When things are not working positively, all we can do is to keep fighting single-heartedly by devoting ourselves to the match in front of us. I think this attitude is what we need in order to make a breakthrough.
[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]

Team Manager Mischa – pre-match press conference the day before the match against Sanfrecce Hiroshima Team Manager Mischa – pre-match press conference the day before the match against Sanfrecce Hiroshima