Talking about challenges even after the win  

In the 5th game against Shonan Bellmare held on 3rd April, although we won 2-1, the players were not satisfied with their performance.

After the 5th game, we have some good and bad points. We will bear in mind these points when we play the next game.

Yosuke Kashiwagi talked about the game as follows.
“When I look back the game, I realized that we should have won the game by a higher goal margin. The end part of the game was terrible. If we continue to play like this, we will be totally exhausted. Therefore, we have to think of the way to break this vicious cycle. To be honest, it is not realistic to be attacking all the time so I think it will be good if we can hold the ball and pass it around more.”

Norihiro Yamagishi also said,
“I cannot be happy as we conceded 1 goal at the very last moment. We have to have better control of the game (ability to seal victory) and we really need to improve on this point. “Ability to seal victory” including getting the 3rd and 4th goals is very important. So far, we have 10 points after 5 games and it is a quite good result. However, I think we can do better. It is needless to say but we have to get more points. We are not satisfied with our current performance. We want more.” He pulled his socks up.

GM Koichi Hashiratani mentioned “We were able to create many great scoring chances. This shows that our attack has improved”. However, he also said, “Having created so many changes, scoring only 2 goals is not enough”.

The team’s awareness is high. The players will pull up their socks and face Albirex Niigata on 10th April.

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