Seventh day at Miyazaki training camp-Team Director Shinto   

Comment from Team Director Shinto after finishing the seventh day of the Miyazaki training camp
(It was a cold day today.)
I heard that it has been exceptionally warm till now for Miyazaki in January. Local people told me that it had been so cold before we came here. So, I considered ourselves being very lucky.
(Tulio seemed to have been quite energetic.)
That is right. He was playing together today.
(Do you think he is getting much better?)
I cannot make any comment as that is something for the Team Manager and his trainer to decide.
(Did they set the amount of strain to be put on him during today’s practice session in advance?)
That would have been something for the Team Manager and the team doctor to decide and I was not with them at that time.
(Seventh day of the camp has already finished.)
We are preparing ourselves well under the new system and I feel that we are making progress very professionally. I think it is quite rare that things go this well from the beginning. Weather is one of the contributing factors as well. I feel our camp training is going very well and we are achieving our objectives.
(Young players are showing their true colors during matches and so on.)
I think that having young team players being lively and energetic in every aspect means the team also has such a nice atmosphere as a whole. This gives the team a supportive push. It is encouraging to see their youthful and cheerful way.
(What do you think of the way the Team Manager and players interact with each other?)
I believe our team players agree with me saying that our Team Manager is a true professional. He calculates in reverse in order to plan the daily training schedule to achieve his objectives.
(Are there any plans for the second camp as to how many matches there will be?)
We have not decided that yet.
(There must be a dynamic for the team along with a dynamic for playing matches. Did Tulio’s participation in the team change the team atmosphere?)
I am not sure. But, it is a welcoming development to have more members in the team when the team is well organized and trying to move forward in one direction as a whole. There are still some players who are practicing under different programs.
(Did you inform Team Coordinator Tetsuji Koyama of the National Team about Tulio’s condition?)
When I last spoke with him, we talked about who would be selected for the National Team. We did not discuss anything else.
(Is there close communication between doctors of Urawa Reds and the Japan National Team regarding the conditions of Tulio and Abe?)
Yes, there is.
(Will Tsuzuki practice separately under a different practice program due to his tight leg?)
I have not received that information yet.