Saitamaken Shinkin Bank, Reds support presentation ceremony   

“Saitamaken Shinkin Bank, Reds support presentation ceremony” was held at the clubhouse in Ohara Training Ground on the 18th of July.

Saitamaken Shinkin Bank sold “2008 Urawa Reds time deposit” from the 1st of April to the 30th of May this year. One of the features of the time deposit is that 0.005% of the total new contracts will be given to the team.

“Urawa Reds time deposit” first started in 2005. 51.7 billion yen in 2005, 38.1 billion yen in 2006 and 53.4 billion yen in 2007 were collected. The total amount of new contracts for this year was 24,041. 61.1 billion yen was collected.

Urawa Reds President Mitsunori Fujiguchi, the Saitamaken Shinkin Bank President Hironobu Yasuda, Executive Director Itaru Yasuda and Director Mitsuyuki Shinohara attended the presentation ceremony. After the explanation of the time deposit scheme, President Yasuda presented President Fujiguchi a check. After a ceremonial photo was taken, the presentation ceremony ended.

It was explained that “The time deposit is very popular. Normally, we cannot get so many contracts. This shows that so many people are interested in Reds”.

President Fujiguchi said in return, “This fund is meant for our development. So we will make use of the fund to further develop the team. Thank you very much”.