RedsLand “Enjoy Festival”   

“Enjoy Festival” was held at RedsLand on 12th June. The event was exclusive for Urawa Red Diamonds Supporters Club and RedsLand members. A total of 197 people attended the event.

The event started with Vice President of Red Diamonds Supporters Club, Hiroshi Matsumoto giving the opening speech. “I am glad to see many of you attending this event. I hope you will have fun today.” RedsLand Captain Shuzo Nakamura then added, “Welcome to Enjoy Festival. We hope all of you participate actively in the programs and have fun today”.

After warming up, the participants were divided into different sections where they enjoyed themselves playing various sports. In the “Parents-children futsal” section, the participants were really having fun playing futsal. Also, in the “Enjoy Heart-full Soccer”, the children and adults were divided into different teams. The adults showed their support for their teammates by cheering even louder than the children. It also noted that they gave each other high-fives more after scoring.

After 2 hours of exercise, they had a closing session. President of Red Diamonds Supporters Club, Saitama Mayor Hayato Shimizu who visited RedsLand gave a speech. “Reds are currently 4th in the J.League. I am sure they will regain lost ground and aim to finish at the top together with Reds Ladies. Let’s give them the support they need after the World Cup.”

After Mayor Hayato Shimizu’s speech, “Live Talk” was held. Sergio and Takuya Okamoto from the first team, and Kyoko Yano and Saki Kumagai from Ladies went up to the stage as guests. As Yano just had her birthday on 3rd June and Okamoto’s birthday is around the corner (18th June), a birthday cake was presented to them. The both of them received a large round of applause. To answer to a request from the audience, Sergio displayed some of his juggling skills. Kumagai then challenged Okamoto for the ball, which drew laughter from the audience.

The players also gave comments on the reopening of the league on 18th July. “We lost some games that we should have won. We will try to minimize such mistakes in the second half of the league and work to finish in a higher position in both the league and Emperor’s Cup. We also want to qualify for the ACL. (Sergio).” “I will work hard to be able to play more in games so that more people will notice me (Okamoto).”

The Plenus Nadeshiko league will reopen on 27th June. “On 27th June, our game is against INAC Kobe Leonessa. The kick-off time will be at 1 pm. I want to stay even more focused to play against strong teams. (Kumagai)” “The last 3 games of the 1st half of the season are against strong opponents. We want to play to win games. The weather will be hotter and your support will give us a great boost. Please come to the stadium to support us.”

T shirts autographed by the players and a pair of wonder-seat tickets for the last home game against Vissel Kobe were given out in the lucky draw.

Lastly, Redia, Diara and the players saw the participants off. Some parents and children however continued playing soccer even after the event. It was a bright sunny day and the event was a great success.

【Urawa Reds Official Media (URD:OM)】