RedsLand’s seasonal tradition event “Agri-field 2010” starts!   

“Agri-field” which is being held for the 6th time started on 29th April in RedsLand. The “Agri-field” is an event where participants can experience planting crops in spring and harvesting them in autumn in a farm located in RedsLand. This year, 353 people divided into 105 groups participated in the event where they can enjoy nature and experience the excellence of agriculture. The 2010 theme “Ecology” is the same as the previous year. Participants will plant 3 crops: taro, sweet potato and corn. The crops are scheduled to be harvested 3 times. Training and arrangement of equipments are made possible with the help of “JA Group Saitama”.

The opening ceremony, orientation and planting of taro on planned to be done on the same the day. However, due to rain the day before, the planting of taro was postponed.

“If we plant taros in such condition, we will not be able to harvest nice taros. It was unfortunate but we made a brave decision today”, said Assistant Manager Hiroshi Koyama of JA Saitama. It was a sudden decision to open the artificial futsal court for the participants and they enjoyed themselves.

“Please work together to grow the crops and learn things through agriculture.” (Zennoh Saitama Rice Land 21 Chief, Rie Okada)

“I am participating in the event for the 2nd time and looking forward to harvesting the crops, especially taro. Let’s enjoy towards the goal of harvesting the crops in autumn.” (Urawa Reds President, Mitsuo Hashimoto)

The “Agri-field 2010” will be held 8 times all together until the early November 2010. The finale will be the “Harvesting Festival” where participants can celebrate the harvesting by having a BBQ and playing games.

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