Reds Training for ACL 2nd Semi-Final   

A day before the ACL 2nd semi-final game, Reds had a training at Saitama Stadium at 5 pm.

The training was open to the public for the first 15 minutes. 2 goalkeepers and 18 field players attended the training. At the beginning, the players split into groups of 5 or 6 and began juggling balls. Then, the goalkeepers and field players were separated and commenced with their own training programs.

The goalkeepers jogged for a while and practiced ball catching. They then practiced shot stopping from crosses and some ball control using their feet.

The field players also started out by jogging. While jogging, they also included body and step works. After stretching, they paired up and practiced using their inside foot and in step to kick the ball. They also practiced headings by using the ACL balls.

After that, they passed the ball around in 5 vs 2 groups. The training seemed to be done in a relaxed atmosphere. Shouts of joy and frustration were echoed in the stadium.

After 15 minutes, the training went in a closed session.