Press conference for the opening of the Nadeshiko League, Japan-Korea match  

A press conference for the opening of the Plenus Nadeshiko League 2010/Plenus Challenge League 2010 was held at JFA House on 23 March.
Firstly, the head of the Japan Women’s Football League Council, Mr Kazuo Honda gave an opening remark. Following this, the team managers and players of the 22 participating teams were introduced. From the Urawa Reds Ladies team, Team Manager Hiroshi Muramatsu and Captain Miyuki Yanagida who attended the event stood up and bowed when introduced. After brief explanations were given about this year’s competition including the “Nadeshiko League” and “Nadeshiko League Cup” in which the Reds Ladies play, the “2010 Japan-Korea Ladies League Championship Presented by Plenus” which will be held on 27 March was explained.
Prior to the league match, the Reds Ladies will play against the 2009 season K. League Champion Goyang Dae Kyong Ladies team in the Komaba Studium.

Team Manager Muramatsu said that he felt grateful for the excellent environment and thought that he needed to showcase the level of Japanese Ladies soccer. He said that he hoped to see the team do their best to have a good result.

He also said that he would like to play well as a representative of Japan as the team would be playing in a Japan-Korea competition.

The Reds Ladies team will play in their first match for this year in the“2010 Japan Korea Ladies League Championship Presented by Plenus”. The match against Goyang Dae Kyong will be held on Saturday, 27 March at the Komaba Stadium from 13:00 o’clock with kick off.

In the opening match for the Nadeshiko League the Reds Ladies will play against Fukuoka J Anclas. Play starts from 13:00 o’clock on 4 April at the Komaba Stadium.

Team Manager Hiroshi Muramatsu
The match we will play on 27 March will be the match we play on behalf of all the team and players. As such we would like to view it as one of the league matches and play very seriously with all our strength. In terms of our opponent, we will not really know until we start to play against them. But, as for the improvement of our team, I think we have done a good job so far.

Winning the league match is definitely something we aspire. In order for us to reach the goal, we would like to do our best as one in every match we play.

Comment from Captain Miyuki Yanagida
Since this will be the first Japan-Korean competition, I am not quite sure what to expect. Nonetheless, we feel extremely lucky to be able to play against an overseas team as a Japanese women’s football team. We would like to play with all our strength we have now.

Since the league match will be a group tournament from this season, the number of matches we need to play will be reduced.

As such, I think each match will weigh more. For this reason, we would like to put our utmost effort into every match we will play.

[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]