Press conference after the match against Beijing Sinobo Guoan Football Club  

Comment from Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira and Shusaku Nishikawa after the AFC Champions League 2019 Group Stage MD2 match against Beijing Sinobo Guoan Football Club

Comment from Oswaldo Oliveira

As was expected, we had a very hard match played against a high-quality team. We needed to make the utmost effort as a team in order not to lose any goals. Since we had created a few good opportunities, had we had some luck on our side, I think we could have scored a goal or two.

Comment from Shusaku Nishikawa

Good evening everyone. Before we started the match, as a goal keeper, I had expected to have a very challenging match today. I was aware that our defense would defend the team well even when our opponent team broke through our team from the front or sides. Since we were familiar with how ACL away matches are played from our previous experiences, I thought the experience we had helped us today.

Before the ACL started, I had a chance to speak at our official press conference before the first sec match. At that time, I said that we will bring three winning points from our home match and at least one winning point from our away match. Today, we have achieved what I said we would achieve thanks to the efforts we made as a team and I am very pleased. When we will play against Beijing Sinobo Guoan Football Club in our home stadium next, we will do our best to win the match.

Questions and Answers

Q: Let me ask the two of you a question. When the match became very tough, as a team manager, what was your intention when you changed players and how was the outcome of these changes? As for Mr Nishikawa, what did you discuss with your team members during the course of the touch match today?

Oswaldo Oliveira
I thought the attack from the right side by Beijing Sinobo Guoan was so strong today. Their number 38 player (Gang Wang) who didn’t play in the previous match as well as our new players performed really well today.
Our team was pressured quite badly on Ugajin and Kashiwagi’s sides today. I changed our players to take care of Beijing’s right side especially as it was the side they were unfolding their plays today. I introduced Sugimoto thinking that he would get the ball in the front line and will keep it with himself for a while in order to buy time for our other players to come to the front. By doing so, we were able to create a few chances.

Susaku Nishikawa
There were several tough moments today. However, we all let out our voices and worked together to control the line. Team Manager Oliveira told us before the match that we should have thorough risk management at the back when the team is making attacks. As our opponent team was good at passing the ball around, our team manager also told us to press the opponent team from the front unitedly. I thought we followed his instructions well by talking aloud to each other.

Q: As for today’s members, though the players at the front line were suffering from fatigue, you used Ugajin, Kashiwagi and Koroki. What did you think of their performance and what was your intention of letting them play today?

Oswaldo Oliveira
When we found out about the annual play schedule including all other championship matches, we became aware that we would have three difficult away matches during this period. Our players need to overcome this challenging period even if they have to sacrifice themselves a little.
Those players you have just mentioned are all very experienced players and they know how to play the match like the one we had today. They are irreplaceable. But, I decided to have them play in today’s match obviously with the expectation of their good performance. They are showing us how they can go through this tough period as good examples and I believe they are responding positively to my decision.

[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]

Press conference after the match against Beijing Sinobo Guoan Football Club