Press conference about the pre season match against Thespa Kusatsu on 5 July   

The “Humpty Dumpty Special Match – the J. League Pre Season Match of Zhespa Kusatsu vs Urawa Reds” will be held in Maehashi City on 5 July. A press conference was held to announce the event with the attendance of General Manager Hashiratani.
A brief overview of the event was outlined during the press conference. The news of Zhespa and Reds releasing their first collaboration T-shirt for sale as well as the special train service for the pre season match that will be provided were announced. After that the General Manager of Zhespa Kusatsu Shigeharu Ueki and the General Manager of Urawa Reds Koichi Hashiratani made a few comments regarding the match.

Comment from General Manager Koichi Hashiratani
Urawa Reds will play against Zhespa Kusatsu for our pre season match this year. I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the efforts made by Zhespa Kusatsu as well as the members of Gunma Prefecture Football Association for making this possible.
After playing 11 matches during the first half of the J. League season, we rank high in the league standing. Though it would have been better if we had a few more points, I believe our team is in a good position to be able to achieve the goal we set during the last season to play in the Asia Champions League and to win at least one title.
Unfortunately, we were not able to break through in the preliminary league matches for the Yamazaki Nabisco Cup. For this reason, we regard this mid-term break period a very important period. Currently, the team is having an off period. After that, a training camp will be held in Austria from 19 June to 1 July. We will have training sessions and play four matches against foreign teams during that training camp. After we come back to Japan from Austria, we will play a pre season match against Zhespa Kusatsu. As this will be the case, I would like our team to show the outcome of our training camp during this pre season match. As such, the match against Zhespa will be very important for us. Team Manager Finke said that he plans to have the best starting line up members for the second half of the season play in the match against Zhespa Kusatsu.
Since Maehashi is not far from Urawa, I am certain that many Reds supporters will come to see us in the stadium. For this reason, we would like to play well so that we will have a good momentum to carry us through the rest of the season.