Our players played our style of soccer well under hard conditions – Team Manager Mischa  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa after the J.League 26th Sec match against Cerezo Osaka

As I mentioned during the press conference yesterday, Cerezo Osaka is a fantastic team with a number of players with high capability and I guess no one had imagined that Cerezo Osaka would rank as it currently does before the season commenced. For this reason, I had expected today’s match to be a very difficult one.

Our soccer requires our players to have a great deal of stamina. Since the match was our third match over the last week, our team suffered in terms of our stamina. Suffering from fatigue, I agree that our players were not able to pull out their usual performance in terms of agility and speed for example.
Having said that, our players fought well by being positive and motivated to create many changes under such a challenging situation. However, after they struggled for some time to make the most of the many scoring chances they created, they lost a goal like they did. But, this is all part of playing soccer. Our opponent scored a goal from a long distance shot. It is important for us to nail the scoring opportunities we create before our opponent scores a goal. Nonetheless, our players played our style of soccer well under difficult conditions.
Our team fought the match more aggressively especially after our opponent team led the match by one to zero. As a result our team was able to create four or five decisive scoring opportunities. We lost the match in the end as we failed to take advantage of these chances. However, looking back at how our players played the match, I don’t think their performance deserved the loss. But, it’s all part of soccer that a team loses even when their performance is not worthy of a defeat. We must keep playing our style of soccer without being pessimistic about today’s defeat.

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Our players played our style of soccer well under hard conditions – Team Manager Mischa