Our goal is clear, that is to win the away match.  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke on the day before the 2010 season J. League Ninth Sec. against Shimizu S-Pulse.

It will be a very interesting match. Looking at the J. League standings, two of teams who have had a good start to this year’s season will match-up tomorrow.
As for the training we had this week, I am not so content about it. This is because we now have some players with light injuries. Hosogai is now lightly injured as he has some troubles with his muscles. For this reason, he will not accompany the team to play in the match. He will prepare himself to play in the match which will be held next Wednesday.
In addition to this, what is unfortunate is that Sanou was not able to join the team practice until yesterday. He was on ant-inflammatory medication for some time as he injured his leg. For this reason, he will be on the bench tomorrow. Instead, Ugajin joined the team practice. Sanou was playing in the position in which Ugajin used to play. As this is the case, I do not think it will cause any problems in terms of who plays in the position as Ugajin is now back with us. As for Shunki Takahashi, he was only able to join the team practice once on Thursday as he had been working on a separate training program prior to that.
Because of the injury situation, I was not happy with the training situation this week. Having said that, soccer is not a concert where all the selected tunes will be played on the day of the concert. What we are experiencing right now happens all the time in playing soccer. Our goal is clear. That is to win the away match tomorrow.

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