Opening Home Game: To have a Great Game Together  

The long awaited day is coming soon. The first home game for Urawa Reds in the 2010 season will kick off at Saitama Stadium at 2 pm on 14th March. We will be facing FC Tokyo in our first home game. The same team we played against last season in our opening game.

Although Reds lost the opening game against Kashima Antlers, the players were not just frustrated but also looked at how they could improve for the next game.
“We can do better”, said Yosuke Kashiwagi who played in the midfield with Ponte. Hajime Hosogai who played as an attacking midfielder looked back the game and pointed out the problem of the team as “I think that each individual must play the role first or else it is not good for the team.” He is looking forward to making the first home game of the season a great game.

On the other hand, FC Tokyo is an up-coming team who won the Yamazaki Nabisco Cup last year.
In their opening game, FC Tokyo who had hard time breaking down their opponent’s defence but still managed to score a goal just before the end of the game allowing them to secure 3 points for the season. Naohiro Ishikawa broke through the defence and played the ball to Sota Hirayama who calmly slotted the ball in. This was the first time FC Tokyo has won their opening game since 2006. This win has boosted the morale of the team.

It is Team Manager Hiroshi Jyofuku’s 3rd year in-charge of the team. The team seems to be doing well towards their goal “flowing soccer that involves movements of players and ball”. However, they have some weak points as well.
Takuji Yonemoto who played well last season will be sidelined for awhile and Yuhei Tokunaga who usually plays right back may have to take up an unfamiliar position as an offensive midfielder. If Reds concentrate on scoring with penetrating passes rather than just making cross field passes, we will definitely have a chance to break through.

Last year’s victory against FC Tokyo has given Reds confidence. The game will be played at exactly the same date and time as last season: 2 pm, 14th March. Last season, Reds introduced Team Finke’s soccer to the rest of the world by winning the game with a score line of 3-1. The key factors that led to the win were good physical fitness and quick counterattack. This season, we want to win FC Tokyo by pursuing excellence. It is also interesting to see who is going to be the Reds’ starting line-up. It could be Sergio again, who is improving fast or it could be the young striker Genki Haraguchi.

Let’s turn the stadium red and play with the players.
【Urawa Reds Official Media (URD : OM) 】