Ninth day of Miyazaki training camp-Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Finke after finishing the ninth day of the Miyazaki training camp.
Our players were very worn out during the match we had today. Today was the ninth day since we started our training. We have only had one half-day off so far. For this reason, I was very much interested to know how our worn out players would perform against university students who were full of stamina. Obviously, the match we played today was part of the training camp program. Considering the members of the team and so on, I think we played better in the second half of the game compared to the first half of the game.
As we have had concentrated training over the past nine days, the most important thing right now is that no players get injured. The reason why I say this is that it is often towards the end of a training camp when players get injured.
However, no players who played in today’s match were injured so far and I am happy about this. Besides that, the players’ physical examinations this year revealed better overall results compared to last year’s. For this reason, I reduced the number of times players had to run in the forest. Since this was the case, we were able to have many game style practice sessions.
Tomorrow will be our final day. Nonetheless, I would like to start our training from 11 o’clock as planed. Since I haven’t received the final report from the medical section yet, I would like to decide whether we will use balls during tomorrow’s practice or not after I hear from them. As for the next Monday after we are back at Urawa, I am planning to have training in the morning. Since this will be a training session right after our training camp, I am thinking to introduce a recovery program.
Then, our players will be given a 72 hour recovery period. This means that those players who haven’t injured themselves will have three complete days off as they will not have to go thorough treatment sessions. As such, they can recover their physical conditions well.
In terms of the training we have had so far, I am very much pleased as there are not many players who got injured. The training environment that this facility offered was fantastic just like last year. The running track in the forest players ran was wonderful not to mention the pitch condition. The food we had was very nice as well.
[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]