Miyazaki Camp roundup–Team Manager Mischa  

Team Manager Mischa summed up Urara Reds’ ten-day Miyazaki Camp training on 26 January.

First of all, we had been blessed with fantastic weather during our Miyazaki Camp at this time. Our players participated in the camp with great concentration and discipline. I do not want to pay too many compliments to our own players, but they did what they had to do throughout the camp. We still have over one month before the opening of the J. League but I am confident that our players will be able to play a good game from the opening of the season as long as they can continue their training by remaining highly concentrated and disciplined just like they were during the Miyazaki Camp. During the camp, Aoki sustained an injury. Apart from him, almost all players were able to run their daily schedules as planned without sustaining injuries. Since Aoki’s escaped with a minor injury, he has already started running. I think he will be able to rejoin the team once we are back in Saitama. It is important that we finish our camp training without any players sustaining any injuries. In this sense, it was great that we were able to finish our camp with hardly any players with injuries. I think our players had prepared themselves well during the break before they came back to start their Miyazaki camp.
[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]

Miyazaki Camp roundup–Team Manager Mischa