J.League vs Shimizu S-Pulse  

2008 J.League 1st Day 32nd sec,23 November 2008 13:01 Kick off at Saitama Stadium 2002

Match Result
Urawa Reds (1-2) Shimizu S-Pulse

Goals:21min EDAMURA(Shimizu), 67min TULIO, 82min YAJIMA(Shimizu)


Comment of the Gert Engels(Team-Manager)
This was the game we had to win. We wanted to start the game with this in mind. But, we were knocked out by our opponent scoring a goal in the first half of the game. It was not like us. There were many opportunities. After the set piece, Tatsuya had a chance. But, the opponent team had quick passes and we could not quite get ourselves to the opponent’s midfield. However, we were able to play at our own pace in the second half of the game. Tulio scored a goal. We were playing at our best once we caught up with our opponent with the score of 1 to 1. But, it was unfortunate that we could not score another goal despite all the good opportunities. As we found out about Antler’s score result during the game, we really had to win this game. We made the fierce offensive, but we still lost by our opponent’s counter attack. When we have to win, we obviously risk ourselves to such counter attacks. What is important is that when we have good momentum, we must score goals. Otherwise, we cannot win and this is what playing soccer is all about. Now, winning the league will be extremely difficult for us. However, technically speaking, we still have a narrow chance to win. We must do our best till the last minute for this reason.

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