J.League vs Shimizu S-Pulse   

2007 J.League 32th sec,18 November 2007 14:02 Kick off at Saitama Stadium 2002

Match Result
Urawa Reds(0-0)Shimizu S-Pulse


Comment of the Holger OSIECK(Team-Manager)
I would want to say clearly here that it is just superb that players showed brilliant performances even they had to play 2 games against Sepahan and a game against Kawasaki Frontale in this tight schedule.
I think the players were stressed, worn out and some had injuries. However, players did their best until the final whistle and showed great performances against Shimizu S-pulse, which is a top-level team in J League. S-Pulse did not have a game on Wednesday and they were full of energy. Our players showed splendid performance in the second half against such opponent and I really want to praise them.
Some of our experienced players and some players who played in recent games could not play today. However, players who got chance after a long time showed everything they’ve got. Keita Suzuki got injured and he had to be replaced early in the first half. He had a very important role in the game and he was the key in controlling the midfield. Uchidate fulfilled this important role instead of him.

I want to say something that is not related to this game. As you know, Ivica Osim, the manager of Japan National Team, is seriously ill and now in the hospital. I hope that he will recover as soon as possible.

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