J.League vs Kyoto Sanga F.C.   

2008 J.League 2nd Day 26th sec,1 October 2008 19:01 Kick off at Saitama Urawa Komaba Stadium

Match Result
Urawa Reds (2-2) Kyoto Sanga F.C.

Goals:26min NAKATANI(Kyoto), 40min EDMILSON, 42min TAKAHARA, 49min YANAGISAWA(Kyoto)


Comment of the Gert Engels(Team-Manager)
We had a really good start. We were playing a good game. However, we conceded the first goal due to a loss of concentration when the opponent had 10 players. We managed to play dynamically later on and we were able to score a goal. However, it takes more of our energy when we have to play a game with just one goal ahead. In the second half of the game, I wanted our players to score another goal. However, before we were able to do so, the opponent scored another goal from a counter kick. From that point onwards, our team played very offensively. Though I put Tulio as a center forward and Nagai played very well, we were not able to win the game. Today’s result was painful. As this game was played at our home ground, we should have won the game. I believe that the team was in good spirits and they were in a good mental condition. However, we must reflect upon the fact that we lost goals in our game.”

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