J.League vs Kawasaki Frontale   

2008 J.League 2nd Day 18th sec,21 July 2008 18:01 Kick off at Saitama Stadium 2002

Match Result
Urawa Reds (1-3) Kawasaki Frontale

Goals:7min TAKAHARA,27min ITO(Kawasaki),66min CHONG Tese(Kawasaki), 68min VITOR JUNIOR(Kawasaki)


Comment of the Gert Engels(Team-Manager)
Though we lost the game, we were able to play with good rhythm for the first 20 to 25 minutes of the game and scored the first goal. However, we started to have several loose balls and lost our good momentum. We conceded a goal from a set piece. But, coming into half time with the score at 1- all was not an issue itself for us. Our plan was to have a fresh start and to put continuous pressure on our opponent. However, losing another goal was a turning point for us today. Just because the score became 1 to 2, obviously it did not mean that we would end up loosing the game. But, it was not good that we had a counter attack from our set piece. We should have defended the counter attack well and refocused our minds rather than complaining to the referee and making an appeal to the linesman. It was certainly a questionable moment and having lost another goal at that time hurt us significantly. We made an aggressive offensive from then onward. However we had little decisive moments. Our opponent is good at making counter attacks. For this reason, we were in a dangerous position with the score 1 to 2. Our opponent scored yet another goal. We continued our aggressive offensive and created some opportunities to strike shots. However, we were unable to score another goal. It was regrettable. We need to play a stable game. Otherwise, we will end up with a game like we played today. We will fight against the Kashima Antlers next. If we can win this game, we will be at the top of the league again. In other words, it is not so difficult for us to reset our minds. We all have high spirits for the match against the Kashima Antlers and we will overcome our challenges in order to win the next game. We still have plenty of time.

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