J.League vs Gamba Osaka  

2008 J.League 1st Day 33rd sec,29 November 2008 14:03 Kick off at Expo ’70 Commemorative Stadium

Match Result
Gamba Osaka (1-0) Urawa Reds

Goals:84min ENDO(G Osaka)


Comment of the Gert Engels(Team-Manager)
We lost the game eventually and it was obviously not good. We played a similar game last time against Shimizu S-Pulse. As we have several issues at the moment, it is quite difficult for our team members to concentrate on playing good games. However, quite frankly, we played well this time. In the first half of the game, both teams played quite evenly. Our opponent had several decisive moments and so did we. But, we were slightly rushed. Considering the game was played in an away stadium, we had too many counter attacks. As we finished the first half with the score of 0 to 0 and one of the opponent team members was sent off, we were planning to play a winning game from the get go in the second half of the game. As we had expected, our opponent was trying to make several counter attacks as they were one player short. Even when that was the case, we were able to put pressure on them. If we had been patient and had been able to continue to play like that by believing in one chance, I am sure we would have scored a goal. Even after Edmilson was sent off from the pitch, we were playing quite the same. We were making continuous attacks with our ten players against the opposing ten players. We managed to create several good opportunities. But, we could not score any goals. Ultimately, the opponent team scored a goal in the end. The situation was similar to the last game we played. We made good attacks and played well. Every member was trying to do his best. However, we were not able to remain focused. Our game quality was not high enough around the goal and no members were able to score goals. For this reason, we lost the game in the end. However, I believe that we played quite a good game.

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