It is proven that our team is functioning-Team Manager Mischa  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa after the J. League 12th Sec match against Sagan Tosu

During today’s match, eight goals had been scored. As such, I am sure those supporters who came to the stadium as well as those who watched on TV must have enjoyed today’s match and would have felt satisfied.

In regards to the match content, today’s match demonstrated our strengths. However, it also highlighted what we need to improve on as well. In terms of the goals our team scored, all six goals were shot by different players of the team. This means that our team is functioning very well, which shows the quality of the team. We knew that Sagan Tosu is a team with a particular soccer style which uses long balls often. Unfortunately, our team allowed our opponent to score goals soon after we made our second and third goals. A team like ours should not have let this type of thing happen.

Nonetheless, today’s match was not an easy match for our players to play. Our opponent team attacked us with instep kicks for most of the time and their throw-ins became similar to corner kicks. When playing against a team’s attack style like theirs, it is not so easy. However, we have to play better than a team like them. We must improve our performance especially in regards to picking up second balls.

What was good about our team’s performance today was making good side attacks. Our team’s side attacks have not functioned so well until recently. However, during today’s match, our players were able to show some improvement in terms of one-on-one play, crossing precision as well as mid-field players’ movements, when they started to make side attacks.

Though we won the match today, there are areas which need more improvement. Therefore we must work hard during our training. We should not forget to work hard especially after a win.

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It is proven that our team is functioning-Team Manager Mischa