Incorporation of RedsLand  

RedsLand (Sakura ward, Saitama City) will be incorporated as “RedsLand Corporation” from the 1st of August.

1. Outline
(1) Corporate name: RedsLand Corporation
(2) Address: 1771 Shimo-okubo, Sakura-ku, Saitama City, Saitama, 338-0825
(3) Capital: 50 million yen (100% paid by Urawa Reds)
(4) President: Mitsunori Fujiguchi (Urawa Reds)
(5) Main business
・To manage sports land for members
・To promote Urawa Reds’ social contributions
・To provide facilities and services for Urawa Reds’ academy center
(6) Start of operation: 1st August, 2008 (As of now)

2. Outline of establishment of new corporate
For the past 3 years from July 2005, RedsLand has been provisionally managed by Urawa Reds. This time, we agreed to set up a new corporate paid 100% by Urawa Reds so that members and local people can enjoy sports in the facility and its hospitality.

It will offer transparency and strengthen organization control by differentiating the operating body from Urawa Reds. Also, it will aim to introduce unique sports in Japan and manage independently. Thus, RedsLand will play a role as corporate in Saitama City to help realize Urawa Reds’ philosophy and hold community based activities to contribute to the society.

*Although it is a new corporate, it will still remain under the management of Urawa Reds. Members can continue using the facility and service. There will be no change in membership fee, usage fee, terms and conditions at the moment.

3. Plans to expand the facility for future
RedsLand will improve the infrastructure of the building, software development and hospitality on this occasion.

The club house will be renovated and the toilet in field and rest area will be constructed. New tennis court, parking areas and other facilities will gradually be built. In the year 2013, J.League’s 20th anniversary, RedsLand will finish a series of expansions.

FY2008: club house renovation, infrastructure, toilet, rest area, etc.
FY2009: tennis court, parking area
FY2010: – – –
FY2011: artificial turf ground for football
FY2012: – – –
FY2013: 4 artificial turf grounds for futsal, parking area

*We will revise the membership fee and usage fee as the facility construction move along.

<RedsLand’s philosophy and policy>
Urawa Reds opened the member based sports park, RedsLand located on the bank of River Arakawa in the west of Saitama City in July, 2005. Urawa Reds aim to realize the J.League’s philosophy, “J.League’s 100 year concept・・・we will have a happier country through sports” and build a community sports culture with this sports park.

Urawa Reds will promote the joys of sports, “to watch” and “to support”, at the stadium through entertainments. RedLand will work hard to provide facilities and opportunities for people to play and learn sports. At the same time, it will help the younger generation towards healthy growth and people to have a life long hobby. It will also contribute to develop and promote a sports culture.

On a 140,000m2 site where you can relax and enjoy nature, we will improve the sports land together with its members and local community. We will have more programs to improve the communication between members and RedsLand.

One of the main purposes is to contribute to the local community through sports. Not only football fans but also other sports lovers can come to RedsLand and have fun. We will expand the circle of friendship from young to old.

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