Ibusuki Camp roundup–Team Manager Mischa  

Team Manager Mischa summed up Urawa Reds’ Ibusuki Camp on 15 February.

The team had two great training camps in Miyazaki and Ibusuki. They set their motivations high and executed every training item while keeping their motivations high.

We had training matches against three different teams during the Ibusuki Camp. We had two good matches and one not so good. We also had good and bad performances during the matches. Our players were quite exhausted from camp training when playing the training matches. For this reason, they were not able to bring out what they have learnt into their performance some time. However, this was obviously factored into my consideration. We have two weeks before the opening match. We will improve accuracy of our passes and combination plays as well as strengthen our communication in the next two weeks.

Reflecting back on the Ibusuki Camp, I thought our young players did tremendously well both during training and training matches. They put a lot of effort into the training camp.

During the camp, we made a conscious effort to work on our defense to reduce the number of losses. Though we lost two goals, the team did very well in the first match we played today. As for the second match, we won with the score of one to two though our performance was not so good. During the first match we played, the team was able to play very aggressively. But, they lost goals by making easy mistakes. We have to reduce the numbers of such easy losses. I would like to continue to improve our defense as a team so that we won’t give our opponent teams the chance to score goals. However, defense is not the only thing we must think about. We will try to reduce the numbers of losses while continuing to play aggressive soccer. In the next remaining two weeks before the opening of the J. League, we will work on enhancing our accuracy in our defense and scoring.

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Ibusuki Camp roundup–Team Manager Mischa