I would like to prepare for the match well and capitalize on my strength  

Goal Keeper Nobuhiro Kato who made his debut for the season playing in the first sec. of the Yamazaki Nabisco Cup gives a comment about the Yamazaki Nabisco Cup qualifying round second sec. away match against Vissel Kobe tomorrow.

Comment from Hironobu Kato
When I played in the previous Yamazaki Nabisco Cup match, I was not fully satisfied with some of the aspect of my play as well as the team’s performance. If I will be chosen to play tomorrow, I would like to do all I can by capitalizing on my strength. I would like to balance my strength and our team’s strong points so that the team can win the match. After all, I certainly want us to win. I am not just talking about winning in the match tomorrow. I want us to win every time and it does not mean anything if we cannot win.
As for Vissel Kobe, I have the impression that Popo kicks good shots. I have to be careful of the kick from the mid field. All I will do is to prepare well and carry out my best.

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