High concentration, abundant stamina and a broad perspective are required  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke on the day before the 2010 season J. League Fourth Sec. against Cerezo Osaka

We are to play our fourth match for the season and it will already be our third match away. We have been able to practice well with high concentration.
As for Cerezo Osaka, the team lost their first match against Omiya Ardija in an unfortunate way. However, they have been performing really well in their matches since then. They ended in a draw in their match against Gamba Osaka as well as FC Tokyo. I am certain that their team has good ability as they were able to create more scoring chances than their opponent during their match against FC Tokyo. But, we have been preparing ourselves well. So, we would like to play in the next match with the hope to win.
Having said that, it is not that easy to win a match. It is important for us to remain concentrated for our next match. It is also necessary for our players to have abundant stamina, not to mention broad perspective. We can win a match only after we put all these things into the game.
During the past two matches we played, four of our attempted goals hit the goal posts or bar. As this was the case, I hope we will have luck by our side during the next match so that the ball our players kick will move the few centimeters required in order to score goals.
In terms of the players injuries, our situation has not changed much. Unfortunately, Tadaaki Hirakawa is still away. Sanou started to run but has not been able to participate in the team ball practice. Naoki Yamada is the same. Even though this is our situation at the moment, I would like to use the remaining players who are in excellent condition on the pitch.

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