Head Coach Otsuki – press conference after the match against Cerezo Osaka  

Comment from Head Coach Otsuki after the Meiji Yasuda J1 League 25th Sec match against Cerezo Osaka

Our team lost two goals from a restart and counter attack today. It was a shame how we lost the goals at our home stadium today. Considering many aspects of the match including the fact our team only scored a goal, I feel Cerezo Osaka controlled the match well today.

Questions and Answers
Q: Since Team Manager Oliveira was not able to be on the bench today, how did you manage the match such as changing players?

A: I communicated with Luiz (Head Coach Luiz Alberto da Silva) on the bench to make such decisions.

Q: When your opponent team had the ball in their possession in the past, I thought Fabrício and Koroki stayed at the front. However for the match today, it seemed as though you had a one-top type formation and tried to control the side. What was the intention?

A: Depending on the system our opponent team has, our formation changes. For this reason, it is difficult to compare today’s formation and our past formations as we have had a four-back, five-back or three-back system before. We thought the system we had today matched up best against our opponent team. Having said that, had we had Fabrício, we might have had a different approach. The thing was after Lee replaced Fabrício, we decided to have the system as we had today.

Q: The first goal of the match today was made by your team after 12 minutes into the match with a speedy attack. I imagine that your team will continue to aim to pull out attacks like that in future matches. How do you feel about the goal scoring today?

A: I thought that it was fantastic goal scoring as I was observing from the technical area. The goal was made from the type of attack I regard as a long counter. It was fantastic that Lee nailed that one with such precision. It is great that he can reproduce such a goal.

Q: The match started 30 minutes late as a result of thundering rain. How did the team spend the extra 30 minutes? In addition, do you think that your team members are suffering from physical and mental fatigue as they have continued to lose a few goals over the past three J. League matches?

A: After the team played five matches one after another, there was a one-week break between matches. I am not sure if the team suffered from fatigue because of the summer weather. Since we are no longer competing in the Levain Cup, we will have some time between matches from now. If our members are having some physical issues, we will work on their recovery during that time.

Regarding the first question about the 30 minutes delay, both myself and the team remembered about a similar experience we had before. From that experience, players were discussing with each other what they needed to be mindful of when they start the match. It was really good to see this.

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Head Coach Otsuki – press conference after the match against Cerezo Osaka