Harvesting sweet potato brings “autumn”, the season of food and sports   

The RedsLand’s tradition, “2010 harvest festival of sweet potato at agri-field” was held on 17th October. Under the clear autumn sky, 413 people participated in the event. In the opening ceremony, President Mitsuo Hashimoto said, “Urawa Reds won against Cerezo Osaka yesterday and Reds Ladies have been working together in order to win the league for the 2nd consecutive time. They will move forward with your support. Today, let’s have some fun!” Then, Mr Osamu Fukushima of JA Saitamaken Chuuoukai representing JA Group Saitama, that has been always been giving us great support for the event, explained the activity at RedsLand, promoted the rice made in Saitama and introduced the local production for local consumption.

It did not rain much this summer, hence everyone was worried about the sweet potato’s condition. However, the participants’ shouts of “big” and “yah” indicated that we were able to harvest nice sweet potato this year as well. Eriko Hotta, Noriko Matsuda and Chinatsu Kira of Reds Ladies also participated in the harvest festival and worked hard to dig soil with the participants.

The meat for the BBQ lunch was “Saitama’s Kurobuta” provided by JA Group Saitama. As this event marks its 6th year, the participants were very familiar with the procedure and brought their own cooking utensils. The participants then played hoopla using the sweet potato vines and ball games at futsal playing ground which was specially opened for them to use. They truly enjoyed autumn on the day.

In the presentation ceremony, winners of “IMO-1 Grand Prix” (biggest sweet potatoes) and “Best Plate Award” (design competition of the name plate) were announced. The gifts were presented by the 3 Reds Ladies players. “Please come to Saitama Stadium and support us on 31st October when we have our very important home game against NTV Beleza”, said Hotta expressing her passion to win the championship for the 2nd time.

The event was a great success. The last event of this year, “harvest festival of aroid” is scheduled in early November and the 2010 agri-field will end for the year.

【Urawa Reds Official Media (URD:OM)】