Gamba Osaka Official Press Conference   

Urawa Reds’ opponent in the ACL semi-final game, Gamba Osaka held a training in Suita City this afternoon. After that, Team Manager Akira Nishino and goalkeeper Naoki Matsuyo attended an official press conference at Expo ’70 Stadium.

Team Manager Akira Nishino
“For Gamba, we first set our goal to survive the preliminary round. When we advanced to the knock-out stage, we set a new goal to face Urawa Reds. We needed to win our quarter-final game before we could achieve our new goal. I am more than happy with what we have achieved. Now we have this opportunity to play against the defending champion in the ACL semi-final. We will win by playing Gamba styled football. Urawa Reds is a special team to us. All teams look forward to achieving a win over Reds. Gamba has to be the top of those teams.
We are confident that we will play well tomorrow. Even though we have a good control of the game, Urawa Reds have a variety of strategies and a strong attack. It will not be easy to win the game but we will be prepared based on previous experience. It will be an interesting game to watch.”

Naoki Matsuyo
“All of us are looking forward to the game tomorrow. We are mentally ready and anxiously waiting for the tomorrow game. We want to beat Reds to advance to the final. I want to have a good game before we play at their home ground.”